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WHO IS IAMAMIWHOAMI [03 Mar 2010|11:15pm]
[ mood | confused ]

So some artist is posting videos on youtube and this videos are sooooo weird like THE RING type of weird and i like them they got people wondering if its Christina Aguilera or Lady Gaga who ever it is they are doing a good job but whats the reason for this videos they dont have and type of names just random code numbers.

So check them out and tell me what you think!


1st Video

2nd Video

3rd Video ( this is MY FAV VIDEO)

4th video

5th video (the ending is creeeeepy)

6th video

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Good bye LJ [28 Feb 2010|10:01pm]
[ mood | relieved ]

So i started a new journal i will stop updating this one i just think this journal has alot of bad memories attached to it and want to star a new one! add the new one i just started so its just a baby S/N: ITSIVAN

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oh starbucks how i hate you [25 Feb 2010|08:41pm]
[ mood | MAD ]

Ugh times like this make me hate working for starbucks. Give me a brake!

Ugh hope this root canal goes good for me!

I just bought $42 worth of sushi and im still hungry why is it soo expencive and doesnt get me full!

aight im calling this a day!

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bday week! [22 Feb 2010|05:08am]
[ mood | New! ]

I can't sleep!

So my birthday week is over!

Man this was such a different experience from last year!

This year I worked on my birthday and nothing crazy on the day of my birthday. But it was all good cuz I did have a good 3 day weekend!

It rain.

But it was weird how it rain only at night?

So unlike last year I had to plan all the things I wanted to do.
Plus pay for every one!

So this year Crystal said that they (her and alex) will plan my bday weekend!

Friday I just chilled...

Saturday was sooo much fun! We hit up Cue Studio and took crazzzy cool pix at the huge one in hacienda heights? Well they have crazy new type of machines! And crystal and her boy did like it!! After the hole photoshoot!

We decided to go to Sonics cuz they open one up and I've been wanting tooooooo gooooo ohhhhh soooooo baaaaad!

It was so much fun! And damn sonics is soooooooo good! It looks like cafeteria food and it sure didn't taste like it YUMMMMMy!

Well the big night to wait was on Sunday.

So sunday comes around and then I get ready! We go to Pasadena I sure didn't know where they was taking me....
they took me to Buca Di Pedo? Depo? I don't really recall the name but I've been wanting to goooo soooo bad! And it was a really good experience! I loved it the server even sang happy bday to me and I hattttte it! but it was funny! After we are they gave me my gifts! Crystal got me the Heart Beat Head phones I've been wanting ohhhh so bad but I don't have and ipod so I was like yay!! then I open alex gift and he gives me a a freaking 32gig Ipod Touch and it was engraved with "To my lil roadrunner Happy bday Ivan" it was nice knowing that my fav song in the world is Bamboo Banga! Plus my coworker got me a snuggie haha I wanted one soooo bad! This was nice to top it off but I sure did like the whole eating together and enjoying the company of every one!!

I haven't updated my livejournal I plan to start a fresh new one I don't like this one it just holds a looong past.

I got my tax return money I did them this year by my self with turbo tax it was so easy!! So I plan to get my apple mac book that I've been crying and telling everyone I've wanted one ohhh sooo bad! I can't wait!!
The Cancun trip might get moved to Aug/Sep cuz July doesn't seems like we would have enough saved but....Sep is the slow season hope the weather is ok and the resort is empty!!! But lets wait and see what happens...

I've been going to the chiropractor and wow that's been an interesting experience my back feels wayyyy better! and I don't have bad problems any more! But fuckkkk the copay sucks every visit for 30 bucks isn't fun! Why can't this shit be free I hate how you pay a month plus you pay for your visit then you pay more for the things they do. WACKKKK!!!

Well its 5am I should get to sleep.


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[17 Jan 2010|02:08am]
Wow...in 1 month ill be 24 :-X

Wow 2010 has been good.

Work life Me are having a good one.

Stop talking to Christina I don't need "best friends" who aren't gonna be on good behavior.


Lets see how the rest of it goes...
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i want... [02 Jan 2010|11:53pm]
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hey journal... [06 Oct 2009|02:36pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

So this is what has been going on......

Alex is back in California and im happpppy!!!
He got a job at best buy! im happpy for him now he can save up for the trip!

So more people got fired at my job and dang i got all of the hours....of them and im happy ive been working my ass off. Ive been so busy with starbucks and starbucks i get called in. Yeh. So....im saving up for my computer...

This past saturday Alex invited me to Vegas and i said yes we was their for the night and i was kind like ahhh cuz it was my first time and i didnt like....it cuz i worked at 10:30am and i wasnt excited about that!

But i liked it!

What else...

SOOOOOOO EVERY ONE SHOULD SEE PARANORMAL ACTIVITY its the most fucking scary movie ever i was soooo fucking scared and i couldnt sleep the movie was just.....about demons sleeping and and ouija board it was like dang.

I recomend every one to watch it it was soooo scarrrry!

So i almost got intoruble from my manager over my neck piercing and about me not saying sorry over a drink that was made wrong and no sorry was said about it!

But yeh i hate this surprise visits...

Fuck starbucks dumb customers who order stupid shit like half a pump or half a half a splenda!

UGH or they get water in paper cups and they get all "wtf" yeh its water you get your soda at mcds in paper cups at in n out jack and when you go to a doc or a dentist visit they give those cone shape paper cups to drink water why you making a big fucking deal over FREE WATER in paper cup......


So....what else.

im thinking of getting a new live journal cuz im tiered of this one that i had for soooo long and it has alot of history that i really want to get rid off im over my past!

ehhh the end!

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BIG OLD/NEW UPDATE!!! [22 Sep 2009|01:04am]
[ mood | working ]


So things are good in life?

My saving for Cancun is going good. I'm trying to think and calculate my "pay checks" and see if I could get a better hotel or suite or something nice.
I think I can with the way I've been not going out, eating out, and just saving my money I could.
I've lost weight not eating out and drinking green tea like crazy at work.
Work is funny we've been selling our coffee beans and our promotional drink.
After jury duty I was happy to not get picked and ended up getting kicked out and it felt good. I hated it.
I got paid $15 for 2 days made cool friends and got paid for the day I missed from work....
I had a lil chat with my manager about how this "unfair" relationships are going on with her old coworkers. She plays around a lot but its hard to understand her she says I'm not consistent but its hard to come to work and nothing is done and the store looks like shit and then its like "ivan take care of the rest.....and clean it up"

So Alex is bum out cuz he has to pay his school $900 bucks and he's trying to save up. :-/ hope he can make the money but I told him just be strick on how you spend your money and what is necessary and what's just not important.

But it didn't work out so he's coming back to LA I'm happy but sad cuz I wanted him to get his masters but its hard times we in and he can't do it. specially with $400 books for his $400 bucks for books!!! damn crazy shit!

So yeh lets see if Cancun is still on the menu with him coming back and looking for a job!



so channell finally blew up on my manager it was abound to happen she was holding it in so he cuz her out and told her all this shit I was shocked when they told me that Cops has to come to the store....

So she's gone and I'm like damn.......so I got allllll this extra hours next week I'm working an 40 hour week! Eekkkk!

So maybe ill have my lap top by the end of Oct! my brand new Macbook pro Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

I got my new digital camera on friday Its nice its a Samsun Tl220 its freaking amazing I showed it to my coworkers and they are like ahhh. Theirs two screens on the camera one on the back and a small one in the front! and you can see your self so you'll know you got a good picture and not cut up or some one is more in than the other person so its niceeee! I'm in love! and it has HD Video!

I finally hang out with the bff she's going thru a lot of shit I gave her my advice and she looked like she understood my point of views but we all know my point of views in subjects are wayyyyyyyyy different from other people!

To round it up the drama she's been doing good met a guy and she's like amazed on how this guy treats her way better than her ex of 2 years......then out the blue the ex of 2 years comes to her job crying talking about how he wants her back and that he needs her in his life ect....and he's telling her ill do this I'm sorry and ill try to change....and they ended up going on a dinner and a kiss was involve and ect....
She doesn't want to get back with him and I told her not to cuz its like if you don't feel it then don't and to say the truth she looks more "happy" with the new guy and the new guy talks to me and he's way better looking to me BUT THIS IS MY OPINION!!! So christina being new to this "ex trying to come back to my life" issue she told the new guy she kissed the ex and the new guy is hurt and isn't talking to her....but it was just a kiss and they aren't really together "officially" for him to make a big fuzz over it but it still does make you think she did fall for the ex a lil but....I don't know what the out come of it is....I hope it works out with her and the new guy and that she learned her lesson on this issue! Actions speak louder that words....and if you didn't do it in the past you won't do it in the future....some people just can't change!
So that's that!

I might brake my "going out rules" and go out to knotts scarry farm next month with the bff and alex and maybe crystal! lets do this!!!!!

I can't wait!!

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old entry on my phone [10 Sep 2009|01:05am]
[ mood | awake ]

Forget Hawaii!

Cancun Mexico here I come!!!

I looked into the cruise and then it hit me this is wayyyyyyyy to much for what I pay (or even less) I can go to Cancun

Right now planning the trip in July 2010

the price for 7 days direct flight from LAX to Cancun staying at the hyatt hotel is around $980? if its a connected flights would be cheaper!

way better than $1,700 from a cruise!

I'm not counting the bars,food,xcaret,gift,ect...

So might be less cuz american money is MORE in mexico!

So....Cancun in July is the most HOT of any month don't know about that other than being in the pool and swimming my ass off!

I'm gonna go all out! From swimming with dolphins go in the ocean maybe even swim with the sharks!!!

I'm freaking excited!

I already started saving up!

Every Monday I give my tips to my aunt! She hides them so yeh...I won't have spare cash to spend on food ect.

I haven't step into a club or bought fast food! My tummy looks like its getting smaller NO MORE BEER BELLY!

Its hard cuz at work I drink Green tea and it curves my hunger! Or just drink water!
I eat a oatmeal cookie or just drinka vivanno!

I'm shocked how easy and cool it sounds to have money in the bank!

So right now I have my eyes on some dope ass Ray Ban sunglasses but I rather buy my digital cam then my apple laptop!

Hopefully have this two things by Dec or even early as in Nov!

So tomorrow Sep 9th I have my first Jury Duty! That they made me go to not excited. And a waste of a day. I didn't go the first time they told me to go so I have to go unless I want the $1,500 ticket! So not cool!

Well hope my day goes good for me!

Other than that I'm freaking excited for this trip and the mini things coming up in life!

I can say I'm good getting my crap together!

2010 is gonna be my year! (I hope)

I give life to many chances I really have given up!

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fuck.... [28 Aug 2009|10:40pm]
[ mood | curious ]

i havent been to the doc i havent been to the dentise....

i need to go i cant wait for this new health insurance to kick in and i can get my card and go visit the doc fuck that my back my chest has been hurting like crazy im hoping its nothing bad but i have.....have to go get my back check my spine killllls me!!

well umm.....damn.

its sooooo hot the weather is nasty the fires are all close and arnt helping.
hot weather means.....busy TIME at starbucks so i hate busy days!!

but i gotta make that money!!

Well yeh.....

.............so i dont know if i should buy my lap top first then save up for the trip!

i hate using my aunts computer cuz she says im always fucking with it hahha but my shit sucks i cant update my twitter down load shit i cant post crap on live journal watch videos.

i might get my mac first and get me some new sunglasses i need them! for the trip LOL!!!

i need a talk with alex to see what he has going on! and yeh i can get the money in 1 or 2 months for the lap top lol well lets see how it goes then i can ichat with my buddys and ect....i wanna get my shit together and im glad i am finally!

Work is crazyyyy my manager is like always telling me "your lucky i like you" and im like wtf????
so if i get fired i knock on wood it isnt anytime soon!

well gtg

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m.i.a. secret show! [26 Aug 2009|06:30pm]
[ mood | drunk! ]

im gonna be here tonight hope i love it!!

i wasnt gonna go and now im going thanks to matt who got 3 tickets!!

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the no no no diet [26 Aug 2009|12:31am]
[ mood | amused ]

i started my $ diet its hard but i can do it!

when i set my mind on something i will do it no doubt about it!!!

so lets see how it goes plus i need a new mac i was using windows today and i hated it i cant use it it just gets me mad im not saying macs are all good and shit but they stop alot like the windows its weird...

alex left today what a good summer it was and im glad i have his friendship he is a cool guy who likes to try and be adventurus but yeh hes back in new york for his school,....

aight its late i need my sleeeep!

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eh ehe ehehhehehhehhheheeh [15 Aug 2009|09:45pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

So i FINALLY got my mac (well given to me) and have wifi at home OMG i had such a bad time setting it up. I like how they said "easy and fast" and i was on the phone for 2 hours talking to them about the problems i was having but i think it was more the laptop issues so im saving up and buying a "new" one so plus i wanna have the built in ICHAT cam thing.

So after almost getting fired at starbucks cuz i talked back to a customer. i change my mood and i became a Disney employ FAKE and HAPPY to the 100%! That what they want! So ill do it! but yeh work has been the same new stuff new goals we can do it this time i cant wait!

So since alex came to Cali ive been to San Fran pride disneyland and next week to Six Flags...then he goes back to New York!

So yeh.....

Well.....what else?

So ive been kinda :-/ about somethings....

1 is jury duty i kinda didnt call/show up so i wonder if im in trouble or what not knowing my luck i will and have to pay a fine something i dont wanna more shit to pay from $ i dont have! FUCK!! im not letting it get to me but lets see what happens!

So i decided and i know this is gonna be hard but once alex leaves to new york i told him im NOT gonna go out. I spend alot of money at bars ugh all my pay check goes to that crap i need a new lap top my trip to N.Y and some other things so i say its gonna be hard cuz i do get invited and i know its not hard to say no so i can see my goal!

well i guess thats it my trip and lap top or desk top are the things im more interested in!

Plus ill lose weight not going out and not eating out!


aight i guess thats it!


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heat! [13 Jul 2009|02:28am]
[ mood | tired ]

I hate hate hate the heat! Summer nights feel like cancun but Cancun feels good cuz the pool or beach are open or the streets serving cold drinks 24/7! And the no stress!

So I'm here laying infront of the fan.....

I can't sleep cuz when I got home....I knocked the f-out!

I worked 11:30am to 7pm! and it was hot so I worked tru some crazy rushed and yes with no help ugh! I swear....and the new girl is no help or fun I felt so tiered....intill crystal came but I was so out of it that it didn't help me at all!

So yeh....other than that!

I've been goooood! No stress got a new # a new aim screen name.....I'm like free from being bugged!

other than that....

I've been having good random adventures with Alex making my summer fun!

Damn sucks when he leaves I'm stuck with the flakes and boring people....

ehhh I doubt ill go out!

I need to get shit shit together specially if my grams is finnalllly leaving back to mexico!

aight I guess that's it.

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on the 101 [26 Jun 2009|12:36pm]
[ mood | excited ]

I'm on the 101 enjoying this weekend....cuz I have it off.

I'm on my way to San Fran for pride weekend.

So no starbucks no stress no drama. Just a few days to get my mind clear.

ill post pics and test my sidekick cam and ect......

Let the good times start!

Ps: My liver is sooo gonna hate this weekend!

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stuckkkkkkkkkk [17 Jun 2009|09:55pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

I'm stuck. I really am getting annoyed with all this shit...

So at work my manager told me to be more connected with customers....to say the truth she can say shit cuz she's always in the backroom doing stuff no way to here me say "hiiiii..." "nice sunglasses" or the hot girl that I have the biggest crush on shawna or my crush mocha boy.....but its all cool.

ill work on it....

next time ill tell her she can't say anything to me....

I guess weho pride was this weekend I didn't even know....lame I never liked weho pride bad memories but ehhh I think its supper lame cuz its small the last time I was their I saw this corn shit booth catch on fire...and huge flames and all this guys start screaming like gurls RUNNNN ITS GONNA BLOW!!!

Well.....I'm looking foward to next week start fresh get my hair cut get my self together I'm stresssing a lot.

My dad is still in hawaii. funny. damn not even me have gone to hawaii.

maybe next year.

Alex comes tomorrow from N.Y sounds like my summer is gonna start! Cuz I'm over my flaky friends or just clubbing bull shit....

I'm still thinking on Denny's

Well I guess that's it....

the weather is getting warm summer time is near....

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....my back! [06 Jun 2009|11:12am]
[ mood | sad ]

I'm early to work...

Always early....

I've been working sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!

My manager told me my check is gonna be big but I need to pay my $375 phone bill thanks to the Sidekick LX being charge on the phone bill.

So I've been like grrrr and my back has been killing me but I've been so unhappy...with the way things are in life.

I miss hanging out with Christina....
I miss a lot things specially people I use to talk to I felt like I was more happy when I talked to them....than I am in this issue right now.

Whut else....
I'm excited for my mini trip. Nothing big. But I deserve a brake from everything....

Liquor Music and Ivan!

Christina is single she finally broke up with her boyfriend of 2 years I know how is to say bye to 2 years of a person but when your not happy your not....

Now she got guys blowing up her phone texting her lil cute messages "oh I don't mind to see you smile" ohhh how I remember Javier texting me things like that.....sigh.
Plus she's going to some date with some guy tonight lucky...
How I miss going to the movies with Javier.....
Damn haven't seen a movie in so long....

Well what else....oh my cousin has been sending me mesaages on myspace telling me she is gonna divorse her husband but oh well....shit happens....plus she's like why you mad at me I'm like...getting mad she tells me not to tell any one and I won't...

unlike her who tells my mom or every everything I tell her not to tell people or trust her I'm SO FUCKING OVER PEOPLE BEING FAKE AND STUPID!

But yeh.............

well I have to get ready...

I love my new LX phone the keypad is kinda ehhh but this phone is amazing...

I still need to write about my new manager....

Gooood times!

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Gay Weekend... [18 May 2009|07:52pm]
[ mood | tired ]

So my new manager is coo...I like her she really cares about what we feel about the store! and imput on our partners...

she said she liked the way I am like my attitude...
So yeh she clean the store...like real good!

Finally I had a good time...

we ended up only on sunday and we got a room a suite on willow street or some shit!

We had a roll of tickets and we try to sell them 2 for 1 so.... for 20 tickets $10 40 tickets for $20

No one bought any tickets so we drank them all....we tried every drink they had out their...


I tried my new cam on my new sidekick lx and posted them the pics came out suppper nice I'm like wow...I didn't do any videos but ehh...

So yeh...I saw a lot of friends and took a lot of pics I posted them on myspace...I didn't even dance...but it was all good at the end we saw like 3 or fights and I ended up with some hat LOL! damn good times!


Afterwards we got pizza and ate that....

so other than that work has been getting better....

I guess that's all I can say...

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forget.... [15 May 2009|12:53am]
[ mood | determined ]

I'm on my new LX its about to be 1am!

Christina woke me up from my sleep and writing in my LJ helps me fall asleep!


I'm in love with this new sidekick its....AMAZING! Kinda ehh but the cam the youtube the 3G makes a difference!

Life is OK!

work...is wow! dennis left step down and now we have a new manager this girl got 100% on her ecosure inspection ugh so she's on us my neck piercing is covered up she's making me lobby trash run and clean the store looks big clean and she's been here for 2 days! Only thing that's she's fucking up is that she changed the schedule and now I can't have the days I requested off....

Umm what else....

Life is good I haven't seen my bros in sooooooo long I guess things at home are good....my dad is going to hawaii next month funny!

my review is coming up at work so that's goooood!!

its pride weekend....

I need a hair cut!

LOL my savings for my laptop I fucked up and now I'm like shit! cuz I boughts this phone shoes shirts and shades and its allllll gone! I'm not gonna go out and I'm gonna work hard for that lap top by december I'll have it the good thing I waited theirs some new ones coming out and they are cheap I might wait for the desktop not laptop my back hurts a lot to carry more shit around!

I'm twittering like crazy cuz this new sidekick has a built in FREE application to post shit!

I'm gonna change my # tmail and Aim by the end of this month I need to let go of old contacts and move on its a good thing to do....so lets get my shit together and move foward.....


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its sexxxxy! [15 Mar 2009|06:01pm]
[ mood | happy ]

So this weekend....

Has been amazing.

I needed a brake from my house...

So the plan for this weekend was suppost to be Lady Gaga and then San Francisco....

But I had a short amount of $ so yeh...

I ended up going to the Lady Gaga show with dani and it was nice he didn't like the show but come on this is her first show. and she did fuck up with the piano set but did play a new song "future love" and it was nice!

Dani and his friend sergio....ended up going to the lady gaga after party. And I ended up going to the Circus. to meet up with adrian. I was kinda buzzing it with a cranberry vodka and a hyponitc bottle dani bought that we pounded in the car.

It was cool....circus was interesting.

I met up with adrian and his friend and then we drank and drank and it was cool. They play lady Gaga back to back and M.I.A. back to back!

it was was amazing!!

So....yeh...the second day was a trip. to the abbey I been her 1 time only and I didn't like it. But this time was fun!

Ha ha ha! so yeh....

Adrian got trasssheed!

I was coo enjoying the drink they were Perfect not to strong not to weak. just drinkable.

and they creep up on you.

So yeh that was interesting.

So I've spent the weekend. with adrian...and I've enjoy the time away from home. Cuz ugh I've been like mad and ugh...

So yeh....

That's about it that's been going on...next week I work alooooot! so I'm happpy about that! :-)

I feel good back to normal....

I feel happy...

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